Code of Ethics

In order to ensure your safety and comfort, I adhere to a strict ethical code.  Some of my basic principles are as follows:

  • I will not divulge the fact of a coaching relationship.
  • I will not divulge information shared during coaching sessions.
  • I will not use a Coachee’s personal information to my own benefit.
  • I will maintain professional standards throughout the course of the coaching relationship.
  • I will be honest, compassionate, objective and non-judgmental.
  • I will advise you when I feel the coaching relationship is not working, or that further support may be necessary.
  • I will adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.  (click here to view)

Exceptions to these principles are:

  • If the Coachee gives express permission to discuss information with a third party.
  • If there is a perceived immanent threat to the Coachee or to others.