You're a what

What is Coaching?
Life Coaching is a unique relationship between you and your coach, wherein you get to be you, explore and pursue your dreams and goals, and move into deeper integrity with who you are and who you want to be.  My purpose is to learn about you, align with your purpose, and support you in achieving your vision.


How do you do that?
By getting to know you.  I will ask you to be as open and honest about yourself as you can be.  As the relationship develops, through focused questions and objective feedback, I will act as a sounding board, offering perspective to help you refine your vision and goals, and supporting you as you move into full alignment with your purpose.


Like a therapist?
No. Coaching is about life planning and goal setting, starting with what you have, and moving forward.  Certainly, if you feel the services of a professional therapist would be beneficial to you, I will support you in that as well.  However, as a coach, my job is to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be, not provide counseling or therapy.


So then, what exactly do you do?

  • I listen.  I listen fully to what you say, what you don’t say, and what you are trying to say.
  • I reflect.  By giving you outside perspective, I give you the ability to see things from outside the situation.  This often provides insight and solutions you may not come to on your own.
  • I equip.  I provide you with tools to help you achieve your dreams.  You will finish our sessions recharged and confident, ready to face the week’s challenges, and meet your goals.
  • I support.  Anyone who is trying to make a change, big or small, benefits from having someone on their side, cheering them on.
  • I hold accountable.  Often, we fail to meet our goals simply because we know no one will notice if we don’t.  By holding you accountable for decisions you make, coaching helps you move forward, instead of just treading water.


I’ll be sharing personal information with you.  Is it confidential?
Absolutely.  Professional coaches uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and unbiased interaction with their clients.  You will not be judged or endangered in any way.


How does it work?
We will talk once a week for 30-45 minutes 3 times per month.  Usually by phone, but face-to-face sessions can be arranged.  I will ask you to share with me how you are doing, what successes you have had, and what setbacks.  We will identify areas you want to work on for the following week and then come up with ways to make it happen.  Most of our work is on a week-to-week basis, but as your vision comes into focus, these small steps will be seen to be moving toward that vision.


What do I need to do?
Be open.  The more comfortable you are, the better the process works.  Be sincere in your efforts and receptive in the feedback.

Do your best.  You get out of this what you put into it.  Like an investment, you are buying into YOURSELF.

Be patient.  Change takes time.  As the relationship grows and your vision moves into focus, you may find that you are making more progress than you think.


Where do we start? / What should I talk about?
We start where you are.  We talk about what you want to talk about.  We talk about the things that motivate you, inspire you, and fire your passion.


What does it cost?
Prices vary depending on the services required and the time commitment to the coaching relationship.  Please see the Service Packages for details.


So, how long will we do this?
As long as you want, or are benefiting from the relationship.  Some clients remain with a coach for years.  It’s up to you.


How do I start?
1. Contact me to arrange a complimentary “discovery session.”
2. If you decide it is something you want to pursue, I will send you a welcome pack.  You fill out the appropriate paperwork and return it to me.
3. We decide on a day and time for our sessions, and then get started.


That’s it!  You’re ready to take the next step.  Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

C.K. Demanaeus