About Me

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A little bit about myself…

Raised in small town Charlevoix, in Northern Michigan, I found that my imagination was bigger than my surroundings.  Having spent a few years working in a grocery store, enjoying the interactions with the customers but not finding the work particularly rewarding, then moving into a factory job where I DEFINITELY didn’t fit in, I soon discovered that I needed to explore.

I left Charlevoix behind for a time, traveling the country for a year and a half with a Christian drama ministry.  There I had the opportunity to grow in my understanding of spirituality, and of people.  I valued this time greatly.

Returning home, I decided to start running a martial art school.  I had been training for a number of years, and it seemed a natural extension of that learning.  Working for my then-wife’s family business in surveying as my day job, I began teaching evening classes, growing from one and two classes a week, to training and teaching almost daily. To date, my school, Maple Grove Martial Arts, has been in operation for almost ten years, and is still going strong.

Through my martial art experiences, I was introduced to Zen.  In-depth study and daily practice have led me to a richer, more full understanding of spirituality, and a greater appreciation for life and the people I interact with each day.

In the meantime, I enjoy reading, writing, sketching, meditating, and…exploring.

My most recent explorations have taken me through a personal development program called Pathways.  I attended the Basic and Advanced seminars in the summer of 2012, and am now continuing my journey with the Pathways Leadership seminars this year.  These experiences also opened the doors to my coaching practice.

Undergoing formal training this past spring with Coach U, Inc, I am fully qualified as a Coach, and am currently working toward my certification with the ICF.  Beyond that, I have found coaching to be a richly rewarding experience and enjoy the unique opportunities and relationships that it offers.

These experiences have carried me through many trials.  Three years ago I lost my job due to the economic downturn.  Simultaneous to that, my marriage of seven years came to an end, even as we were in the middle of the adoption of a teenage girl.  With no job or support, paying the bills became a challenge, to say the least, and I was faced with the very real possibility of losing my home, my foster daughter, and my martial art school.

That time was one of the most challenging of my life.  However, by faith and determination I landed a part-time, seasonal job which turned into a full time, year-round job.  Through that job, I was able to take the Pathways and Coach training. I created my own job position as staff coach for the company.  I saved my home, I adopted a daughter, and I started my own coaching practice.

These adventures, and a continuing search for fulfillment and personal growth, have given me a broad base of research, training, and experience in this simple little thing called Life.

Today, I am pleased to be able to offer my perspective and support to others who may be experiencing transition or trials in their lives.  As an artist, author, martialist, and explorer, I enjoy the creative process of the human spirit, and look forward to working with you.

Thank you for reading.

C.K. Demanaeus